white kitchen cabinets - Inset cabinets and things you need to know about them
This is a very beautiful and classic looking cabinet that is now also lending itself to a transitional look to be used in many types of kitchens. From modern kitchens to traditional kitchens, inset cabinets can be used in many different types of styles. This type of cabinetry was inspired by the work of skilled […]

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Sub floor Installation
The major part of any building is its floor system which carries the weight of interior walls, roof, furniture, appliances, people etc. Many homes that are built with weak foundations footings, Improper spaced support columns, undersized and/or improperly spaced floor joists or weak improperly nailed sub flooring lead to failure in multiple performances or structural […]

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Top 7 Bathroom Trends for 2019
This is 2019 if you are thinking of remodelling your bathroom that than you must think wisely as many trends that are trending in 2019.just have a look at the following trends, 1)Black is the new grey Grey was on trend for few yrs back in 2016 and 2017 while bathroom remodelling projects. But this […]

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