What are the important steps while remodeling Kitchen?

What are the important steps while remodeling Kitchen?
Before it is to the customer’s advantage to know that it would be a good totally different kitchen before demolition, of course, the fact that has been preorder a new kitchen measurement and each cabinet would be unique with a great finish. Normally, the hard work is to empty the cabinets and to pack everything in boxes. These are stepwise detail to make your kitchen remodelling easier: Key topics:  

1) Demoing the Kitchen

First, you have to take the countertops off first and most Appliances out, If there is a backsplash customer is remodelling all the kitchen right? Shutting down the water under sink closing existing water takes and P-traps, Cleaning after intervals is a good idea, especially tile build counters, are messy so keep up clean then start by removing the wall cabinets first, Then the bottom you can use the bottom counters to stand up to dismantle the wall cabinets.  

2)Replace Dated Kitchen Plumbing

Plumbing is done when walls are bares, You have to cut walls or drywall to replace plumbing. There are several things that you must be prepared to remodel your kitchen once demoing is done, while replacing dated kitchen plumbing you must be careful as old pipeline might leak or break. You should be prepared to replace your shut-off valves as well will have to install a shut-off valve box for the refrigerator. If your sink is in a dynamizing state than you will have to replace all the plumbing under it.  

3)Replace Electrical and Install Kitchen Lighting

There will be several jobs to do for replacing and installing kitchen lights. kitchen remodeling will need changes in lighting for the ceiling, new pendants and new designs for different areas in the kitchen. Before doing any work regarding lights First of all you must turn off the power in the area that you are about to work on. Fix lighting which has been recessed. Check to wire, decide direct wiring or receptacle for appliances according to need. Choose types of lighting or lights you want to use as your taste. After that Connect wires at the necessary places and make a secure base and start installing lights and trim the necessary area and cover it.

4)Hang Kitchen Drywall, Mud and Sand

  After finishing all electrical replacing and installing work now it’s time to move to our next step. That is to hang drywall where a joint compound of mud is used to form drywall.which will take around 3 coat and total of 3 days as one coat of mud will take 1 day each for1 coat to dry properly. And after all the coating, you can prime the kitchen.  

5)Paint Kitchen Walls and Ceiling

Once the coating and priming work is done. its time for another step is to paint walls and ceiling, you can hire a professional or do it by yourself. You might be confused about what are the things that should be considered? Here are a few tips which will help you make your Kitchen renovation much easier. Preparation plays a major role before doing anything, Buy paintbrush which is best for coloring with a four-inch brush. Cutting in before you start to roll by a paintbrush after that you can start to roll in both directions. You must buy a special paint for your ceiling which doesn’t spatter, dries slowly and should be flat instead of being glossy. you must use a quality roller with extension to help you reach each and every corner. While painting you must do a double coating to evolve the color. you might want to avoid paint freckles and use essentials like baseball cap safety glasses. you can use rub lotion in your hand or face and arms.  

6)Install Kitchen Flooring and Baseboards

Kitchen flooring is a wonderful part of remodelling kitchen to give an advance look to your kitchen. There are several ways which can help you install flooring and baseboard.  

7)Install Kitchen Cabinets

For Installation of kitchen cabinets, it’s better if you hire a professional to make sure all the cabinets are on the same level and installed properly. Normally there are two types of cabinet installation one is wall cabinets which hang on the wall above from floor. Another one is Base cabinets which are basically installed on the floor. There are certain tips to know while installing kitchen cabinets One must start the installation from the corners to make sure everything fits properly. You must measure cabinets from bottom to top to hang on the wall. Hanging work should be done first to skip damages and to speed up work.  

8)Do Template, Order Kitchen Countertops and Install

Next step is to have a solid surface design for the countertops which may take 5 business days to arrive depending on your supplier. once you order it according to your need and choice. If you are planning for a long term design than you must choose something that is more functional and longlasting materials. After templates are measured, its time to install them.  

9)Install Kitchen Backsplash

Nowadays kitchen backsplash is more than a protecting wall from spills and splatter, its an eye-catching design of glass, metals, wood stone which make a focus of kitchen. The very first thing is to decide on a tile backsplash, selecting a grout color, which you want to match your kitchen. After deciding on the design you will have to choose which cuts you want to have on it. Next step is to prepare for the backsplash and start the installation of the backsplash.  

10)Install Kitchen Appliances, Faucet, and Hardware

Finally the final part of kitchen remodelling which is installing Kitchen Appliances, Faucet, and Hardware. Choose your hardware for your cabinets, drawers which suit and compliments your kitchen. Actually, this is the time when you will have to call back electrician and plumber to install kitchen appliances. An electrician will help you finish out the installation by adding receptacle plates and pulling forward your receptacles to match the backsplash where one countertop is installed plumber will install your faucet and insert the air gap for your dishwasher into the countertop.

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