Inset cabinets and things you need to know about them

white kitchen cabinets - Inset cabinets and things you need to know about them
This is a very beautiful and classic looking cabinet that is now also lending itself to a transitional look to be used in many types of kitchens. From modern kitchens to traditional kitchens, inset cabinets can be used in many different types of styles. This type of cabinetry was inspired by the work of skilled craftsman of the Georgian and Victorian periods. Inset cabinets are higher end look and cleaner lines, hinges can be visible or hidden. Inset doors are set into the frame and provide a custom and smooth overall appearance. The doors, drawers, and frame all sit flush when closed. Inset cabinetry requires a little more finesse. While the cabinets have what Ross calls a “sleek, flush look”, there are gaps in between the frames and doors to allow for the swelling and contracting of the wood during changes in humidity. Whether or not you choose to add a variety of embellishments or moldings, your inset cabinets really do have a personality of their own. Inset cabinets will certainly spark some talk, and you’ll be glad that your kitchen’s style is finally consistent! Inset cabinets are priced quite a bit higher than overlay cabinets, and they do require hardware because you can’t simply open them with your fingers.

There are different types of style in inset cabinets which are given below

1 – Inset shaker cabinets 2 – Mission style cabinets 3 – Raised panel cabinets

There are several benefits of inset kitchen cabinet are beneficial, Some of the benefits of inset cabinetry are that they offer a very clean look instead of the full overlay cabinets. The face frames can be designed with either a beaded or non-beaded frame giving the look even more detail. When this works in conjunction with the type of door style that you choose, this look can be very satisfying and help make your kitchen stand out from the rest. You can also add more customization’s and modifications to your cabinet. This includes adding a wide range of coloring and finishing options, as well as moldings, to create something that is truly unique and reflective of the characteristics of your home.

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