Why is it important to install hardwood floors in winter?

Why is it important to install hardwood floors in winter?
Installing hardwood floors in winter have several advantages that are going to make you think why you didn’t know about this before. Several advantages to doing installing in winter are: 1)Humidity level is low in winter due to which there will be less moisture while installing a hardwood floor, which prevents the floor from being unsightly and uneven and also low risk for the development of mold and mildew.   2)Acclimate the board really important before installing as you need to let woods circulate fresh air to adjust surrounding temperature and humidity levels.   3)Expanding This is another important feature of wood that one must know as wood is an organic material. Due to which the process of expanding of woods when the air is damp and contracting in dry condition and the main reason is that tree trunks have a vertical tube which carries nutrients and water throughout the entire tree. That’s why while installing a floor in winter Professional installer always leaves a little gap in order to give space to expand for summer.   4)Availability of fitting services in winter Availability of Fitting services in winter Most obvious advantage of installing hardwoods in winter is due to its availability as people go on a vacation and if the hardwood flooring installer is reliable than you can go to your vacation leaving them to work while you go for vacation. There is less stress while installing as you can stay at your friends and family while your floor gets installed. Winter is the best time to install wood floors due to its expanding feature and flexibility to move with friend and family in holiday season until your installation completes.   Install hardwood floor, hire a pro!

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